Portable Air Conditioning – Changes in Technology

Devices to keep us cool have been devised since the Victorian times and now changes in technology have resulted in the ultimate environmentally friendly portable air conditioning unit.

Back in the 1840s portable air conditioning hadn’t of course been invented, but the elite still found contraptions to keep cool. In 2005, Liverpool’s historic landmark, St George’s Hall, received worldwide recognition for keeping the Victorians cool.

Before portable air conditioning arrived

Like any building where large crowds gathered, poor ventilation was a problem. And not having the advantages of today’s portable air conditioning systems was more than just about being uncomfortably hot. In those days, poor ventilation was often the problem behind the spread of diseases.

Portable air conditioning – The future

In the 19th Century, the Victorians were considered forward thinking in their efforts to try and improve ventilation to help stop the cholera epidemic. St George’s Hall was one of the most used buildings in Liverpool at the time. It was built in the 1840s, and in 1995 received a blue heritage plaque in recognition of the world’s first air conditioning system.

Air con is invented

The system may not be as advanced and high tech as today’s portable air conditioning systems that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In fact, the air conditioning system was a laborious one – it necessitated an army of workers at St George’s Hall who controlled the air going in and out using canvas flaps and doors with rope pulleys. The extent of the effort they went to demonstrates the importance of good air conditioning and ventilation.

Award winning ventilation system

St George’s Hall was awarded the blue plaque by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers. The system of pulleys and flaps was designed by Dr David Boswell Reid who went on to design a ventilation system at the Palace of Westminster. As well as allowing cool air in, warm air could be created using hot water pipes and steam boilers for the winter months. Since this innovative design in the Victorian age, huge advances in air conditioning have been made and it’s commonplace in cars, planes, office buildings, restaurants, offices, shops and in many people’s homes. Portable air conditioning systems are popular and offer an affordable way of controlling temperature and creating comfort zones.

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