Portable Air Conditioners – Bizarre Hot Spots

Smuggling tunnels, underground bomb shelters….portable air conditioning can make anywhere bearable!

The story of a drug smuggling tunnel being discovered on the US-Mexico border is an intriguing one in itself, but to read that the tunnel was complete with air conditioning raises an eyebrow. Portable air conditioners can be used anywhere – and this news story illustrates how even the world of crime needs a little luxury. It’s likely that without portable air conditioners or an air conditioning system, the tunnels would have been bearable or navigable.

Hot Stuff – Sophisticated Smuggling

Portable air conditioners can be used anywhere. That’s the beauty of them – they’re convenient, transportable and cost effective. Unlike air conditioning units that have to be fitted into buildings, demanding expensive maintenance, portable air conditioners don’t demand the huge cost commitment or extensive equipment a permanent air conditioning system demands. Portable air conditioners are perfect for smallish spaces, and offer a quick, easy, convenient solution to dealing with sporadic heat waves.

Portable Air Conditioners – Suspicious Circumstances

The air conditioned drug smuggling tunnels uncovered by police however revealed a particular type of smuggler – not only was the tunnel air conditioned it even had a lift. Suspicions around the clandestine tunnel were triggered after reports of odd activity at a house on the border of Mexico. The air conditioned tunnel was 1.4 yards wide and featured an electric rail to transport containers. As well as the air-conditioning it was fitted with lights and ventilation. Eight men were arrested after armed police moved in on the house in Mexicali, where suspicious sightings of armed men had been logged. They were found digging the tunnel and confessed they were looking after the house and that a drug tunnel had been built. Using tunnels to smuggle drugs is common on the Mexican/ American border – with over 75 tunnels discovered since the 90s – although not all of them featured portable air conditioners. Drugs are a major problem for Mexico, with drug-related violence and gang wars rife.

Bomb Proof Cellars

Air conditioning has been used in some of the most extreme places to help make them a more civilised environment to be in. Ever since air conditioning was invented, it’s been embraced by not just the legitimate business world for office blocks, but by the military too. In 1939, ‘air protection cellars’ were built for Herr Hitler and his entourage under the Reich Chancellery. The bomb proof cellars featured an air-conditioning plant, electrical kitchens and first aid rooms.

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