Portable Air Conditioning – The Best Summer Buy

To really enjoy the sweltering summer months, you need the option of staying cool with portable air conditioning.

There’s no doubt that the weather in the UK is, for the most part, dreary. It means the majority of our homes don’t bother with air conditioning units. Office environments are different – most modern buildings install an air con unit to help staff work in comfortable and optimum environments. But not all offices have an air con unit – just a fan and open window. For these smaller offices, the cost of installing air con may be enough of a reason to make do and swelter in those short summer months. But there is a solution thanks to portable air conditioning. With portable air conditioning, you don’t have to spend a fortune, and you can say goodbye to ineffectual fans that just blow the hot air around.

Portable air conditioning can help you stay safe at home and in the office during those scorching weeks. And a portable air conditioning unit can be used economically – easily plugged in when needed and stored away till next year. It’s important not to underestimate the impact a heatwave can have. When we’re moaning about the cold weather, it’s easy to forget that as soon as we get too much heat, we start moaning too. And being in glorious weather when we’re by the sea can be wonderful – but when you’re stuck in an office, or car, or can’t sleep at night because of the heat, tempers as well as temperatures can flare.

To safeguard against the mid-day sun you should always:

  • Wear a high factor sunscreen
  • Babies should be kept out of the sun at completely
  • Avoid the sun during 11am and 3pm when its at its hottest; skin cancer kills around 2,500 a year in Britain

To cope with the heat consider:

  • If you have no air conditioning, why not invest in portable air conditioning so you can always keep one room cool and chilled?
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol
  • Wear loose clothing that covers your arms and legs, opt for a wide brimmed hat and shades
  • Heat can kill, which is why it’s worth opting for air con of some sort – never leave pets or children in a car, not even with the window open

If you do feel ill, are sweating excessively, feel faint or sick, tired or have muscle cramps you could be suffering from heatstroke – always find a cool place, ideally an air conditioned room to retreat too, sip water and consider eating salted crisps to replace salts.

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