Portable Air Conditioning Unit – Battling Hay Fever

If you suffer from hay fever in the summer months a portable air conditioning unit could be of help.

Spring and summer can be a challenging time if you or your children suffer from hay fever. A portable air conditioning unit can help. If the allergy is really extreme, close all the windows and doors in your home and use a portable air conditioning unit instead of fans to help filter out pollen particles. By investing in a portable air conditioning unit, you don’t have to spend a fortune on in-built air-con – especially if you only plan to use the air con in the spring and summer months.

Preparing for Allergies

As well as having a portable air conditioning unit on hand, there are other ways to help you prepare for the hay fever season. By being aware of when plant pollination occurs, you can begin to take steps before the hay fever begins. If you are an adult, you’re probably in tune with the seasons and aware of how your allergy impacts on you. For children, allergies can begin aged 5 or 6 upwards but usually strikes in the teens with symptoms peaking in the 20s; if both parents have allergies, there’s a 75% children will develop allergies too. A portable air conditioning unit can be put in the child’s room to help moderate temperature in the spring and summer months, without having to open windows and let pollen in.

Hay Fever Symptoms

If you are sneezing more than normal, have cold symptoms or sinus problems, asthma, watering eyes, a scratchy throat, or just feel generally unwell, you could be struggling with hay fever. A portable air conditioning unit is a good investment as the best way to prevent an allergy is to limit exposure to the allergens. Having indoor air con means you won’t have to open windows. If you plan to be outdoors or your children want to play outside, try and schedule activities for late afternoon when pollen levels are low. Local weather reports will be able to advise you when pollen count is particularly high – depending on the extremity of the allergy it could be best to switch on the portable air conditioning unit and stay indoors during these times.

Portable Air Conditioning Unit and Pollen Particles

Hay fever is caused by breathing in pollen particles. There are a range of trees, grasses and weeds throughout May to August that can trigger an allergy. If you must be outdoors, avoid mowing your lawn or raking grass if you suffer from hay fever. Although it might be tempting to hang out washing to dry on a sunny day, the clothes can pick up pollen that can be brought indoors. As well as a portable air conditioning unit to help keep pollens out of the home, antihistamine tablets can be taken regularly with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy nasal sprays and eye drops – you should consult your doctor to find the best treatments available to you. Many hay fever treatments are available over the counter, but you may need to try different ones to find the best one for you. When driving, use air conditioning rather than windows to regulate temperature. Avoid parks during times when pollen is at its peak and keep the windows to your home closed mid-morning and early evening (you can switch on your portable air conditioning unit if it’s too hot indoors).

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