Portable Air Conditioner – Army Use

Controversy over the war in Iraq has plagued the British government since the invasion began. They have even been chastised for the lack of portable air conditioner units on hand.

Iraq disaster

The war on Iraq has been a disaster on many fronts. As the day to day situation seems to be degenerating for Iraqi civilians and the death toll increases year on year, it’s hard to salvage anything positive from the situation. As Tony Blair stepped down from the role of Prime Minister, it seems the one thing that will remain a blemish on his service record is the war in Iraq. Even the things like ensuring the army have sufficient services and equipment has come under criticism – notably the lack of portable air conditioner units in the sweltering heat of Iraq.

Specialist portable air conditioner suppliers

There are specialist portable air conditioner suppliers such as Climachill that supply portable air conditioner units to the US and British army. A portable air conditioner is essential for service personnel operating in conflicts taking place in regions such as the Middle East that are subject to extreme heat. A Tory defence spokesman, Lord Astor said that the lack of air con for army cooks in Iraq was unacceptable as conditions can become unbearable in temperatures that reach over 60C. As well as the cooks who needed portable air conditioning units, detainees were also said to be questioned in similar unbearable high temperature conditions.

Welfare of British troops

The heat not only impacts on health and energy of army personnel but it was suggested that the high temperatures also caused computers to continually break down. Emotions can run high when it comes to the welfare of the British army who are putting their lives at risk. The cost of a portable air conditioner is relatively low considering the impact it can have on the comfort of the troops.

Portable air conditioner – simple solution

Lord Astor felt it was wrong to question detainees in rooms that did not have at the least a portable air conditioner device. Also the breakdown of computers could result in the loss of essential information. Installing a potable air conditioner device would be a simple and cost effective solution. However, air conditioning units or portable air conditioner devices were installed in many camps occupied by British troops, and the government said that only a ‘small proportion’ of tents did not have air conditioning or a portable air conditioner device.

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