Portable Air Conditioners – America’s History

In the early 1900s European immigrants were warned about losing their vitality in the American humidity and then air con and portable air conditioners were invented.

Air Conditioning – The Foundation of Civilisation

Heat can be an oppressive thing and at the beginning of America’s formation into the most dominant nation on earth, many felt that the weather would be its undoing. Geographer Ellsworth Huntington said that tropical weather produced unprogressive populations. Perhaps there was an element of truth that when it gets too hot to handle there’s nothing else to do but lie down in a shaded spot. But the invention of air conditioning and advances in technology that produced portable air conditioners changed all that.

Portable Air Conditioners and Chilled Air in America

Some even argued that the South lost the American Civil War because of the unrelenting heat. The idea that heat can impact on wars, cities and populations is no understatement and it was only once portable air conditioners, industrial air con units and chilled air became commonplace that America embraced the South.

Cool Comfort

In Marsha Ackermann’s history, “Cool Comfort: America’s Romance with Air Conditioning” she recounts an ad depicting a labourer asleep with the slogan: ‘Temperature 102 degrees – production zero”. The ad epitomized that idea that the heat killed industry and encouraged siestas. Fortunately, innovations in science meant comfortable climates could be created thanks to air con and portable air conditioners.

Air con and Portable Air Conditioners Boost Economy

There’s no doubt then that portable air conditioners, canned air and air con units boosted the US economy. It was reported when a cinema in New York invested in a $100,000 air con unit in 1925 it paid for itself in a few months thanks to the boost in customers. Now of course, it’s possible to purchase incredibly affordable portable air conditioners and everybody can benefit from the air con boom.

America Led the Way

One British writer even announced that the greatest contribution to civilisation this century could very well be air conditioning. America has led the way and in 1942 Washington became the first American city that used more electricity in summer than in winter thanks to the popularity of air con. Now as more British companies, entertainment complexes and domestic homes embrace air con units and potable air conditioners it looks like the UK could quickly follow its trans-Atlantic cousin in the chilled air revolution.

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