Portable Air Conditioning and the Tube

It seems impossible to keep Tube passengers cool, everything from portable air conditioning to complicated ventilation designs have been suggested.

Is portable air conditioning the answer?

In 2003, things became so unbearable on the Tube that the Mayor of London offered a £10,000 prize for anyone to come up with a solution to cool things down. The ideal solution would be if everybody had their own portable air conditioning contraption they could take with them, but clearly that’s not practical. The UK may not be known for its heat in the same way as the Mediterranean, America or the Middle East where air conditioning is commonplace. In these parts of the world, you’ll expect portable air conditioning units in small offices and major air con systems in sky scrapers and hotels. But on the Central Line in London you can be guaranteed that the heat will reach 90F every summer – isn’t that reason enough to consider some kind of air conditioning solution?

Hot under the collar

Without fail, every summer the London papers will come up with facts and figures about the unendurable heat experienced every day by commuters underground. If we were sheep or cattle, reports say, such conditions would break European livestock regulations. Not having portable air conditioning or proper ventilation means the Tube has to post warnings every summer on what to do if people feel unwell. As a result of the lack of air conditioning and ventilation, ambulances have to be on standby when carriages are stranded in deep tunnels.

High tech portable air conditioning

Heat stroke and hyperventilation on a mass scale has been acknowledged as potentially disastrous. But cooling the narrow tunnels built over a hundred years ago has been a continual problem, even in this day and age of high tech portable air conditioning.

Giant air conditioning system

Some inventors have suggested using the escalators as a giant air conditioning system, pumping cold air down and hot air up using fans. The reason it’s impossible to have a full air con system is the tube tunnels are too narrow to accommodate bolted on air conditioning units. Even some kind of portable air conditioning units in carriages would be a concern as the heat would be dangerously transferred to the tunnels.

Whatever the solution, action needs to be taken to manage the shocking heat commuters are subjected to, if not, who knows what kind of disaster waits if tubes get stranded deep underground at the height of summer.

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