Whining about the Weather? Portable Air Conditioners are the Answer!

Too hot? Too cold? It seems you can’t win – beat the bad news with portable air conditioners.

When you look at the endless bad news, it’s no wonder we can feel fed up – even when the sun is shining. And the hot weather, just like the cold, seems to trigger a flurry of catastrophic stories. If you search for ‘hot weather’ stories in the Daily Mail, you’ll find a wealthy of stories guaranteed to put a grey cloud on your day:

  • Hot weather ‘absolute catastrophe’ for Chelsea Flower Show
  • Hot weather triggers hay fever
  • Hot weather pushes up price of fruit and veg
  • Hot weather forces railway slowdown
  • Hot weather causes mushroom shortage
  • Hot weather to blame for heat rash

Put a Sock in it! Buy Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners could be one way of creating your own cool, chilled climate so you won’t get worked up when the temperature soars. The endless bad news stories about the dangers of heatstroke, sunstroke and skin cancer is bad enough, but hearing everyone whine about how unbearably hot they are runs the risk of, as Keith Waterhouse puts it, becoming a ‘hot weather bore’ – more reason to invest in portable air conditioners!
“…when the temperature touches the 90s, I become a hot weather bore. As who does not?” Waterhouse writes. “From the pub regular who waves his arm about in an elaborate fanning motion and inquires: ‘Warm enough for you?’ to the seasoned commuter who has been stuck in a tunnel outside London Bridge for nine-and-a-half hours while his train’s central heating was on full blast, we all have our hot weather bulletin.”

Hot Weather Payments to Fund Air Conditioning?

And the heat could impact on finances too – the government has said they may introduce hot weather payments to help the poor and elderly cope with stifling heat during summer months. The hot weather payments would be used to help pay for air conditioning in poorer households. The UK has already introduced cold weather payments to help pay heating bills. The moves show how crucial temperature is in our homes to our health and well being. And as climate change means the UK is expecting hotter and hotter summers in the future, the need for air conditioning will increase.

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