Portable Air Conditioners – Accessible to All

Air con is no longer a facility for the exclusively wealthy, now it’s possible for everyone to buy affordable portable air conditioners.

Air con used to be the preserves of the wealthy or featured only in American or European holiday apartments. But new technology in portable air conditioners is changing all that.

Taking air con for granted

The fact that many of us experience the comfort of portable air conditioners and air con units in our offices and cars mean more of us are realising what an impact they could have on our homes. Air con is moving from being seen as a luxury to becoming more of a necessity. Originally, air con was considered to be a luxury perk for the wealthy, but the advent of affordable portable air conditioners means more domestic dwellers can enjoy the benefits of keeping heat waves at bay in the comfort of their own home.

Portable air conditioners advances in technology

Unlike the UK, the US has been fitting air conditioning or portable air conditioners in their homes ever since Willis Carrier invented the “weather-maker” in 1928. But as the climate changes and continues to warm up, the demand for portable air conditioners has crossed the Atlantic.

Portable air conditioners now affordable

Portable air conditioners are now at affordable prices and can be bought for a couple of hundred pounds. They used to be unpopular as they tended to be noisy contraptions, but recent high tech developments has reduced the noise emission making portable air conditioners more popular than ever.

New technology in portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners clearly make life more comfortable and now people don’t have to be put off by the price. Some environmentalists complain that air con uses high energy as well as pushes up the outdoor temperature in major cities as it pushes hot air out of homes and offices. But an advance in new technology is helping to sell more domestic portable air conditioners that now use far less power to operate efficiently.

The 15000btu Portable Air Conditioners

Some of the portable air conditioners available include the 15000btu Portable Air Conditioner that features Self Evaporative Technology. This means the machines have an increased cooling capacity and are at once energy efficient and cost effective. Other features include:

” Low running noise and yet has a powerful cooling turbo fan
” Easy to transport with four glide castors
” Self diagnosis function and 24 hour On/Off Timer
” Flashing colour screen indicating temperature and operational status

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