Mobile Air Conditioning

Are you looking for a new Portable Air Conditioning unit?

Climachill provides portable air conditioning units for all commercial, domestic and residential applications across the UK – delivery is not an issue, providing a fast and cost effective solution to providing air conditioning.

We are able to provide units that will keep you cool in the warmer times and warm in the colder seasons. Check out our portable cool & heat air conditioners.

The demand for portable air conditioners is usually seasonal, depending when the UK weather decides to get warm but usually starts around May and peaks throughout the summer months with July and August being the hottest months, usually. The need for air conditioning and in particular portable units, is quite often more apparent when a hot weekend leaves offices unbearably hot for Monday and especially so when the temperature inside rises further throughout the week. How ever, with our cool & heat portable air conditioning units, they are not only for the warmer periods.

Portable Air Conditioner – Heat Efficiency

HEAT PUMP Technology is also an extremely energy efficient method of heating – it is approximately 3 times more efficient than your electric heater!!

Portable Air Conditioning – Efficiency

For instance the 18000btu –

These units therefore recycle approx 75% of the water which is generated when the unit is cooling. The advantages this has over standard portable units are: –

1. increased cooling capacity
2. increased energy efficiency
3. reduced running costs
4. significantly reduced emptying of the water tank

How Do Portable Air Conditioners Work?

They work by taking the heat from a room and expelling it to the outside. In the simplest forms of portable air conditioning units, the hot and damp air is extracted from the room and expelled through a tube.

As the name suggests, most portable air conditioners are portable and come with wheels which makes them easy to relocate and are light enough to move around an office and placed where the most benefit will be achieved.

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