Air Conditioning Servicing

Air Conditioning Servicing  – its so important!

Air Conditioning Servicing SussexFilters, Filters, Filters…. keep you filters clean on your portable / installed air conditioning system and not only will the system work better but it will cost less to run as it will use less electric – basic air conditioning servicing is critical for the system to function correctly.

Dirty / Clogged Filters restrict airflow and is one of the most common causes of problems with systems, the less air that enters a system the less air that exits it, if air cant get into the system then it cant be cooled, this means the system cant work as well as it should and the air conditioning doesn’t work effectively.  This not only results in less efficiency but less efficiency means increased running costs so it costs you more to run to get less out of the system.  Who wants to pay more to get less??

You are also damaging your system by not keeping your filters clean, components such as fan motors have to work harder / longer when airflow is restricted, this naturally reduces their lifespan as they are overworking, the compressor will also have to work harder as system pressures will also increase, clean equipment will always work better, be more efficient, consume less electric and last longer. The morale of the story – Air Conditioning Servicing !

Keeping your filters clean is one of the easiest tasks to do but is probably one of the most important!

If you have a portable unit the filters will be on the side and will normally slide out, brush them off and then put them back in – a really simple task.

Air Conditioning Servicing throughout Sussex – If you have an installed system and want someone to take care of filter cleaning for you then give Climachill a call or email for a free no obligation quotation for a service/maintenance contract – cleaning filters is just one of the tasks our engineers undertake during a service.

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