Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air?

portable air conditioningWhat a problem to have, your air conditioning is not blowing out cold air!

Reason 1 – User Error

If your air Conditioner not blowing cold air, first of all, check that you have set the system to ‘cooling’ mode, this is normally the snowflake symbol on the controller, if it’s on the ‘snowflake’ symbol make sure you have set the temperature lower than the current room temperature (if the room temperature is 23C and you have set the system to 24C it won’t blow cold as the set temperature is higher than the room temperature) – these might sound obvious checks but we do get these sort of phone calls.

Reason 2 – Clogged Filters

If the indoor unit filters are clogged this restricts airflow getting into the unit, if the airflow is restricted then the performance of your system will be seriously affected, if you know how to access the indoor unit filters have a look, if they’re dirty give them a clean, if you haven’t had your system serviced recently then now is the time to book a service, cleaning filters is just one of the tasks our engineers carry out when servicing an air conditioning system.

Reason 3 – Component Failure

If your system is definitely set to ‘cooling mode’ and the set temperature is lower than the current room temperature then the indoor unit should blow out cold air, if it doesn’t then there is a problem with the system.  Most modern systems have a ‘self-diagnosis’ function and the system should enter into a fault mode and a fault code displayed, this is either in the form of an error code (such as E1) or in the form of a blinking led sequence (example – one of the led lights on the unit will flash in a sequence such as 3x blinks then a pause then 3x blinks again).  If this happens try to make a note of the fault code and give us a call with the fault code – this can save time in getting your system repaired, for example, a 2010 LG wall-mounted system may display a fault code of the green led light continuously blinking once, then a long pause before blinking once again, we can look this up and know that there is a problem with the indoor temperature sensor, we know that it is highly likely that the indoor temperature sensor is faulty and your system requires a new sensor, as such we can order the new sensor and then come along on one visit to repair the system thus getting your system repaired as quickly as possible.

Reason 4 – Low on Refrigerant

You might notice that the system is blowing out cold air but that it isn’t as cold as it once might have been, as it’s still blowing out cold air the system might not enter fault diagnosis mode but you are sure the system isn’t working correctly, in this instance the system might be low on refrigerant (the substance contained within the pipework of the system).  In this instance you will need an engineer visit to check the refrigerant levels of the system (we can do this by taking pressure and temperature readings from the system and by also removing the refrigerant from the system whilst weighing it out and then checking the weight of the refrigerant removed with the factory charge weight as indicated on the outdoor unit data plate), if the system is low on refrigerant then there is a small leak somewhere and an engineer would need to find/repair the leak before putting the correct weight of new refrigerant back into the system.

The above tend to be the common reasons as to why an air conditioning system doesn’t operate correctly if in any doubt consult an expert Air Conditioning Company with trained FGas Qualified Engineers, a good engineer will relish the challenge of testing his knowledge  & skills in order to diagnose a fault and get your system fully working again.

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